Inspector Buckworth and Garrison were discussing Victor Costa’s forensic report when Hudson arrived at the Bastalia Police Department.

“Looks like your deductions were mostly right about yesterday’s murder,” said Garrison in a disappointed tone as Hudson approached. “They found a deep wound in Victor’s head with some fragments of the vase still rooted in his skull. There was no alcohol in his body and his semen count was low which indicates that he just had had sex just before he died. Crazy son of a bitch. What a way to die?”

Inspector Buckworth took over, “We ran a check on his cell phone. The last call he made was to the Upton Escort Services. He had booked an escort for the night. Her name was Martha Cox. My men are on her already.

One strange thing though. Forensic reports suggest that Victor was stabbed 67 times and not all at the same time. The wounds on his body suggest he was stabbed 38 times, precisely at 1300 hrs, the time he died, and 29 times at about 1430 hrs. Does this mean anything to you Hudson?”

Detective Hudson pulled a chair and sipping from his cup of coffee, he said, “Two women registered with the gatekeeper at 5th Avenue for a visit with Victor Costa, the day he died. His first visitor was from Martha Cox, the escort from Upton Services. The gatekeeper left for lunch a while later while another resumed duty. At about 1415hrs, another woman signed in to visit Victor. That woman was Samantha Cross.”

“So you are saying that Martha stabbed Victor to death? Then shortly after that, Samantha payed him a visit and stabbed an already dead Victor? This doesn’t sound right Hudson. Some link is missing in the story,” said Buckworth scratching his beard and trying to come to the terms with the mystery.

“What about the third one Bucky?” interrupted Garrison, “Mary Capal?”

Inspector Buckworth pulled out a file and banged it on the table. “I ran a check on all three women. Mary Capal is clean of any police record. There was so police record of Martha Cox either. But we have enough evidence to question her right now. Samantha Cross, though, has a police record that dates back to 3 years. Her name came out in a crime incident that took place in Yorkshire. A high school boy, 22, had disappeared suddenly. Yorkshire PD received a similar letter 4 days into investigation, accusing Samantha Cross of being involved. When I called Yorkshire PD, they told me the case is still open because they did not find the boy. And what is more surprising is that they claim, there was no record of Samantha Cross’s existence anywhere.”

Detective Hudson finished his coffee and got up to leave. He pulled out the 3 letters from his pocket and flung it on the table. “Whoever wrote these letters, knows the real murderer.”

“What do you mean?” asked Inspector Buckworth. “Three letters from three anonymous people accusing three different women. How can they all know the real murderer and how can they all be possibly right?”

“The letters were all written by the same person,” explained Hudson pulling out each letter and placing them on table. “Although the hand writing is different, the “M” written in upper case is the same in all 3 letters. Rarely can three different people use the same style of writing “M” as in the letters.”

Inspector Buckworth and Garrison looked into the letters and then at each other. They knew Hudson was right.

Hudson went to the Upton Escort services to inquire about Martha Cox. Somehow he knew this would be futile as most escorts use a surrogate name to conceal their identity. At the Escort Services, he was refused of any vital information by the employees for he had no warrant.

His next stop was Techco Softwares, the company where Victor Costa worked. There was something about this man that Hudson felt he had to know.  Upon questioning, Hudson comprehended that Victor was infamous for his bad attitude and bullish manners, especially with woman.

Miss Lana Frinn had joined Techco Softwares six months ago and worked as a direct assistant under Victor Costa. She was the only one who agreed to come forth and provide Hudson with some insights into Victor’s life, but only off the record. Hudson waited outside Techco Softwares for Miss Lana Frinn to finish her daily work. Four hours later, they were talking about Victor over the coffee, “I feel sorry that he had to die like this.” She told Hudson. “But somehow I am glad he won’t be around anymore.”

“Why is that so?” questioned Hudson.

“For one that he abused his female colleagues, both verbally and physically. In the beginning, he sounded like a gentleman. He was always nice to me and treated me with utter respect. I had recently joined here; hence, I refused to believe any of the infamous rumours that surrounded him. Moreover; I was single; he was young, handsome and rich. We got together a lot too many times, often for dinner or so.

One day, after dinner we went back to his apartment. A couple of drinks later, we moved things into the bedroom and that is when real Victor Costa was unleashed. He might look like a harmless man, but when he is charged even demons will look like goats in front of him. He forcefully  tied me up and punched me in the face one too many times. Pleasure for him was not just physical intimacy. Pain satisfied him even more. I cried and begged for mercy but it all went unheard. I was a victim of his sadist needs for over two hours until he let me go, but not until he had threatened me of my job.”

Detective Hudson pulled out his handkerchief and handed it to Miss Lane whose eyes were visibly wet by now.

To Be Continued…….