Inspector Buckworth had been trying to call Hudson for quiet sometime now. But every time he did, Hudson was unreachable. He wondered what Hudson was up to. He always wondered what Hudson was up to.

He wanted to know what kept him going so strong. What he ate, where he slept, where he worked out and how he thought. Buckworth wanted to be like Hudson, at times, he wanted to be Hudson.

While Buckworth dreamed about being Hudson, the Detective sat at the Yorkshire Police Department.

“We have already given all the details to the Bastalia PD,” shouted the officer at Yorkshire PD.

“Yes they told me,” agreed Hudson. “But that is not why I am here. I need a copy of the file concerning Samantha Cross and the incident that took place here 3 years back.” The officer did as asked in a bid to get rid of Detective Hudson. When Hudson had the file, he left peacefully.

Marc Scot, 20 year old teenager, had suddenly disappeared from Yorkshire on the night of 25th August 2007. No trace of him was ever found. In the file was the letter that the Yorkshire PD had received just after Marc’s disappearance. When Hudson pulled out the letter to read, he was not surprised.

Samantha Cross is responsible for Marc’s disappearance – XXX

The same letter “M” again.

I am getting closer to you. Hudson thought.

He had little time to waste. His first task was to visit Marc’s family, although he knew there was nothing substantial he could dig in from them. After a brief inquiry, Hudson came to know of Marc’s High School and some of his close friends. One after the other, he inquired about Marc with all of his friends, but no one had ever heard of any Samantha Cross. Hudson decided to dig in the High School records for any information he could get. He bribed the record keeper and gained access to the confidential records. He walked straight to the record section “C” and began searching for Cross, Samantha. A long search later, he had found what he was looking for. In a flash, he tore off the page that contained the details of address and phone number and walked out of the library.

From the High School campus, he dialled a number, “Detective Hudson here.”

“Where the fuck have you been?” yelled Inspector Buckworth at the other end.

“I have been busy Bucky. I have good news for you,” said Hudson excitedly.

“You have her?” asked Buckworth.

“I have her Bucky. I have her,” said Hudson with a sigh of relief.

Detective Hudson took a final look at the Samantha Cross file in his hand. He had one last thing to do before he left the Yorkshire. A short drive later. he found himself staring in the face of what looked like a decent row house. With an air of confidence, he stepped in front of the door and rang the bell, once, twice and then thrice. The door was answered by a woman in her early fifties.

“Detective Hudson from Basatlia Police Department,” introduced Hudson.

The woman gave Hudson a look of surprise mixed with fear. “What is this regarding Detective?” stammered the woman.

“This concerns your daughter ma’am. She is wanted by Bastalia PD for a third degree murder.”

To Be Continued…….