The Revelation

Inspector Buckworth dropped the file he had been scanning for last half an hour and ran towards the door at the sight of Hudson. Hudson looked very exahusted, he had not shaved for days and his overcoat was covered in black soot.

Boy he smells like rotten egg, Inspector Buckworth thought. Nevertheless, Hudson wore a smile on his face and Buckworth knew very well what the smile denoted.

Hudson flung his overcoat towards the stand, it missed and fell on the floor. Inspector Garrison joined with a cup of coffee, “So?” he asked looking at Hudson.

Detective Hudson pushed the file he had retrieved from Yorkshire towards Buckworth and Garrison. They both scrolled excitedly through the papers and at the end of it, were visibly disappointed. They threw a glance of dejection at Hudson, who immediately pulled out a paper and a photograph from his pocket.

“This is her address and her photograph,” explained Hudson.

“How can you be so sure about her? What about the other two?” Garrisson was quick to counter attack.

“Its a long story. Let’s rewind back to the time I disappeared.

After visiting the Escort Services and Techco Softwares, I found nothing to base this case on. So I decided to reopen the Samantha Cross file from 3 years back. With Commissioner’s permission and appropriate warrants, I went back to Yorkshire. I questioned Marc’s family and close friends but nobody had ever heard of Samantha Cross. So I decided to check the High School record where Marc studied. There too, I was met with rejection. I had made up my mind that there was no Samantha Cross until my eyes caught hold of something unusual.

The records had the name of Mary Capal and her signature as you can see in the file, has the same style of writing “M” as in the letters.” Hudson pointed out to the signature on the paper, Mary Capal.

“That is when it struck me hard. With my doubts, I visited the address mentioned in the High School directory. And the Mary Capal story goes something like this.

Mary’s father was a low ranking soldier in the army, a very dominating and crude man by nature and a heavy drinker. He had absolutely no empathy for his wife or his daughter. Every time he came home, Mary’s mother, and Mary herself would be exploited to his months of secluded frustrations. He would beat them both and at times lock them in a room for days without food or water.

Mary grew up to be a fine looking teenager and she regretted every bit of it. At an early age, her father for his own sadist needs constantly exposed Mary. With every passing phase, the man’s physical needs entered a higher level.

Mary’s only solace was in her best friend, Samantha Cross. The only problem was that Mary was Samantha Cross. Due to her father’s exploitations, Mary had developed a Multiple Personality Syndrome. She stayed secluded of her social life and interacted with none other than Samantha. Her mental condition worsened and her temper was at the peak of exploding.

Fortunately, her father died of an accidental gunshot back at the army base before Samantha could kill him. The frustration of not having killed her father stayed rooted in her head.

After her father’s death, Mary’s condition began to improve and she began interacting with people again. After joining High School, she met Marc Scot with whom she was deeply in love with. Their relation paced from one-step to the next when one day, Marc and Mary got intimate, and one thing led to another. At that point, Samantha jumped back in Mary’s head and she began to see her father in Marc. Although Marc meant no harm, all Mary could see was her father on top of her.

That night, Marc disappeared never to be found again. Fearing for her daughter’s safety, Mary’s mother asked her to run away to an unknown place. Before leaving, Mary wrote a letter to the Yorkshire police accusing Samantha of the murder. Only thing is, Mary dint know she was Samantha and all the while thinking that she had betrayed her best friend.

Mary came to Bastalia. Being a lone girl, she took up a job as a waitress in the day and an escort in the night as Martha Cox. Things were once again looking normal for Mary, until one day, Victor called for escort services. Martha Cox volunteered for the job and on the day of the murder, she reached Victor’s house.

The Murder day

Little did Mary know that the intentions of Victor were what devils desire for. When she reached his apartment, Victor offered her drugged whiskey. When she opened her eyes, she found herself naked in the bedroom, Victor by her side. She had once again been  exploited to somebody’s desperate needs. The past nightmares came gushing back in and Mary was Samantha again. The murder was committed by Samantha to which Mary will confess to be a witness.

When she was done, Samantha needed to find a way out of this mess. So she drafted a letter blaming Mary for the murder and thus revenging Mary’s past betrayal. Samantha left the apartment to secretly deliver the letter to the PD. Shortly after that, the gatekeeper left for lunch. When she came back, she registered herself as Samantha Cox. She went back into Victor’s apartment and seeing him again lying on the bed, she went mad with rage. For the second time, she stabbed him over and over again. When she was done with her brutality, she went to the bar and unknowingly drank from the drugged whiskey.

When she woke up, Samantha was gone and Mary had seen what she wanted to see. She wrote a letter to the Bastalia PD blaming everything on Samantha once again. When she reached half way towards home, she realized having registered as Martha Cox. In order to cause utter confusion, she drafted a third letter to the PD blaming Martha for everything. Since there was no record of Martha Cox anywhere, this was probably the safest thing she thought she had done.

And your case is solved.

Hudson walked out of his apartment lift, tossing the keys up and down. Lucy was waiting outside his apartment. With one hand, she held a travel mirror while with the other, she moved the lipstick softly over her lips. She wore a skirt that refused to flow below knees and low cut top-revealing most of her assets.

Just what I needed to rip apart, thought Hudson. Nothing is going to come between us baby. Absolutely Nothing.