A week ago, two pigeons started building a nest right above my wardrobe. Living in a 4th floor apartment means being closer to birds and their shit. So here I was, cleaning up the pigeon mess every single day. What made it worse was that the house was empty during the day and the windows could not be closed due to unavoidable circumstances (Read: Owner is an asshole) .

The 1st attempt of building the nest failed because I destroyed it, clean sweep. Yes, pigeons can get extremely annoying in the morning. And I had no intention of letting these two love birds make a home in my home, that too rent free. No way.

But one morning, these pigeons did the unthinkable. I woke up rubbing my eyes trying to buzz off my sleep. And there they were, sitting at the window, the two love birds. Not a sound they made, just stared at me endlessly.

“What?” I asked to no reply. The male pigeon rubbed its head against the female pigeon as if to say, “Dont worry honey, I will find us a home. Our babies will not be homeless.”

And my already soft heart melted like an ice in Sahara desert.

“Fine,” I said to the love birds. “But just this one time. Use protection for God’s sake.”

And so they built their home in my home, rent free. And yes, lived happily ever after.

P.S.: The owner is unaware of this situation, and I intend to keep it that way.