The Rear View Mirror


“Drive faster,” she voiced her demand.

 “I am driving fast enough,” I replied pointing at the speedometer that jogged around 30.

 “Oh come on, that guy on cycle just passed us. Drive faster.” She mocked throwing her hands in the air. “Don’t be so sissy.”

 “I am not being sissy.” I said in my defense. “We are not protected. And I have not decided on dying like this. At least not here and now.”

“Really? Are you telling me that you have already decided how you want to die?” That was the beginning of a string of questions to follow.


“Well no, I mean yes. I mean it is too complicated.” I stuttered.

“Really? Complicated? With the speed you are driving at, I think I h`ave enough time to listen and fathom. Go on. I am all ears.” And that is how she gets stuff out of me. Every time.

“Well you know how I think?” I said clearing my throat and trying to put some sense in each word I uttered. “I have plans for everything. Come to think about it, I have plans for us too.”

“Yeah? Like what?” She shot again.

These women.

“Like spend loads of time with you and love you to the core, marry you someday, have kids, grow old, and then die with you still by my side.” I prayed that made some sense.

“You know, on second thought, I like the plan.” She said smiling.

Gosh, how did that happen?

“You do?” I asked surprised at hearing that. I was expecting whats and whys and hows.

“Totally, and lets have 2 kids, a boy and a girl. Boy, we will name Josh and girl, Amanda.” She said, her voice growing curious with every word.

“Sounds good.” I said, clearly enjoying the conversation. Then something struck me. “Wait. You had this planned before, din’t you? You even decided on the names, without my consent.”

“I did not.” She said trying to defend herself. “It was a mere suggestion. You can pick the names if you want. I can give you the book.” And the ball is in your court baby.

“The book? What book?” I saw her bit her tongue at the question.


“It’s no big deal. I just bought a book of names for babies. Just to see what name our kids could have.”

“Oh my God. And all this while I thought I was the crazy one making plans. You are even crazier than I am. You named our unborn babies.”

“Whatever.” She said making a straight face.

I stepped on the accelerator and the speedometer rushed, forty, fifty, sixty. The bike zoomed on the deserted road.

“What are you doing?” She asked with a disagreeing look.

“I thought you wanted me to drive faster.” I said in a confused tone.

“We are not protected. And I have not decided on dying like this. At least not here and now.”


A Really Short Love Story


A week ago, two pigeons started building a nest right above my wardrobe. Living in a 4th floor apartment means being closer to birds and their shit. So here I was, cleaning up the pigeon mess every single day. What made it worse was that the house was empty during the day and the windows could not be closed due to unavoidable circumstances (Read: Owner is an asshole) .

The 1st attempt of building the nest failed because I destroyed it, clean sweep. Yes, pigeons can get extremely annoying in the morning. And I had no intention of letting these two love birds make a home in my home, that too rent free. No way.

But one morning, these pigeons did the unthinkable. I woke up rubbing my eyes trying to buzz off my sleep. And there they were, sitting at the window, the two love birds. Not a sound they made, just stared at me endlessly.

“What?” I asked to no reply. The male pigeon rubbed its head against the female pigeon as if to say, “Dont worry honey, I will find us a home. Our babies will not be homeless.”

And my already soft heart melted like an ice in Sahara desert.

“Fine,” I said to the love birds. “But just this one time. Use protection for God’s sake.”

And so they built their home in my home, rent free. And yes, lived happily ever after.

P.S.: The owner is unaware of this situation, and I intend to keep it that way.

Where a Dream Splits


“Why do two people fall in love?” It is not really a question with a definite answer. But it is a question that ought to be answered by two people in love. Because if they can’t; then they are just wasting their time together.

“Why are you asking me that?” The question takes her off guard. But I know she can handle impromptu scenarios very well. There is a confidence in her voice. The answer will come, I know it.

“Because I don’t understand the concept of love,” and that is true. “I mean, I saw you, my heart skipped a beat. I asked you out and you said yes. I asked you again and you never denied. We both just knew it from the beginning, didn’t we? That is weird.”

She leans ahead and rests her elbow on the table. “What is bothering you?”

There are these waves of questions hitting me every now and then. The irony is that you cannot separate one wave from the other.

“I had a dream early morning. You know that thing about early morning dreams? They often come true.”


“I had a dream early morning,” a feeling of déjà vu takes over me. I struggle to recall if I have had this conversation before.

“I have some bad news.” He looks away from me. I can feel my heart throbbing in my throat. A bad news is even worse when they come from your best friends.

“She is seeing someone.” He says after a few tense moments. “I am sorry.” And then the déjà vu is gone, vanished.


“You wanna talk about it,” there is a profound concern in her voice that cannot be ignored. I breathe deep and sigh.

“I had this dream. We were holding hands and walking down a long endless road. We were happily singing the true companion song,

So don’t you dare and try to walk away,

I’ve got my heart set on our wedding day.

I’ve got this vision of a girl in white,

Made my decision that it’s you allright.

The endless road did not seem to bother us. What mattered was that we were together, holding on to each other, and living our life together.

That was until the road split into two. We went our separate ways. Walking alone was a nightmare. No one to hold hand with, no one to dream along with, no one to sing for, no one to die for.

The roads will meet again someday, somewhere. I consoled my lonely heart every single moment. And when they finally did, you were there.

But you had found someone on your way. The path I chose was the same that we both started with. The path you chose was the one we split at. I continued to treasure our dreams. It was hard to see you with someone. There were mixed emotions, should I be happy for you or should I feel betrayed?”


I look blankly in his face. He is waiting for me to say something.

“I am happy for her.” There is mixed emotion in my voice. The heart cries, feeling betrayed. There were no promises made, none broken. The roads have met again, and the dream has come true.

Song courtesy: Marc Cohn

Here With You

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“This place is beautiful,” she says in awe.

 I have always wanted to bring her here. The ambiance is perfect for a quiet dinner and a healthy conversation.

 A fresh rose in the vase, the fragrance of which refuses to leave the table. A soothingly burning candle, the flame of which flickers with her every breath.

 We stare at the ceiling, our heads up at the same time. The ceiling is covered in a collage of broken mirrors.

 Thousand reflections of her on the ceiling and yet my heart craves for more. I simply can’t get enough of this girl across the table.

 She smiles, her eyes still glued to the ceiling. They are outlined with faint kohl. Every time they fall on me, I can see my image trapped within. There is so much virtue in those eyes, the ones that garner, protect and nurture little dreams of endless joys. They glitter with an out worldly passion. Just like a mirror, they remind me of who I am, every time I look into them. Her smile never ceases to enthrall me. It glows and spreads passionately across her face. I wish to be imprisoned forever in her aura.

Her freely flowing hair is neatly tucked underneath a red hair band. They bounce off her shoulder every time she turns around. She wears a beaded necklace around her neck. Her sleeveless red gown perfectly complements her countenance. My heart skips a beat and then a few more. Just like every time, a thought crosses my mind.

 If you were a princess from a fairy tale, I did stop believing in reality.


This place is fantastic. It is strange how I failed to notice before. I have been here several times, with family, friends and colleagues. And yet this place seems so novel today. Is it his presence across the table, or am I beginning to fall for him?

I can’t help smiling while I look at his reflection in the mirror. His eyes are glued on me. He is lost in his own imaginary world, a world where we are together all along. How I wish to be a part of this world, and turn his dreams into reality.

He looks at me with such innocence; I yearn to read his mind. I want him to look at me good and long, let his heart be filled with a desire full of me.

The way I am dressed tonight is solely for his attention. The way I wear my hair tonight is only for him. I want him to realize that everything I am tonight is just for him. I want him to know I am here, with him, for him.


 They say love can make a poet of you. Every word you say in love sounds like a poem. I am falling for this girl sitting across the table.

I am falling for her silky hair.

I am craving for her every stare.

I am falling for the blush on her cheeks.

I am craving for those lips to kiss.

I am falling for every word she says.

I am craving for those magical words she refuses to claim.

And yet I sit here looking in her eyes

A question still runs deep through my mind

Will you ever be mine?

Forever mine.

 This moment will desert us soon, but you are here to stay in my heart, for eternity.


 “Shall we order?” I ask him knowing how much he hates going through menus.

 He has been holding one in his hand, reading over and over again. I can make out from his confused expressions. He tries so hard not to make any mistakes around me. He tries so hard to impress me. I wish he knew I already am.

“Should I order for us?”

 “Sure,” he says relieved.

 “We have been seeing a lot of each other these days.” I say hoping to catch him off guard.

 “Is that bad?” he questions raising his eyebrows.

 “No,” I say convincingly. “How often do you go out with your girl friends?”

 “I don’t really ask anyone out.” He nods.

 “But you asked me out.”

 “I like your company.”

 “Define company.”

 He thinks for a short pause. “Submission is sweet in your presence. It is strange the way I feel around you, fearless and confident, ready to take over the world. When you are with me, I am not afraid to take a step forward. It is that feeling of trust which drives me, knowing that you will be here even in my mistakes. The feeling that you will believe in me and that in your presence, I will never fail. With you by my side, I am the happiest man on the face of the earth. With you by my side, I am the best man on the face of the earth…”

 He stops abruptly, realizing he might have shared too much. There is so much in that heart, so many unspoken words.

 Don’t stop for now, don’t stop ever. I long to tell him.


 What is it about her that drives me to such extremes? There are so many things I want her to know. And yet time and again, I stop myself from saying so. What if she does not understand? What if the feeling is not mutual on the other side? What if she walks out of my life?

 “Why did you stop?” she questions at my sudden pause.

 “Can I ask you something?”

 “Sure,” she nods.

 “What is your impression of me?”

 “Well, I like your company too.” She smiles.

 “Define company.” I smile.


Love is a game two can play. Somehow, I love the way he plays me into saying things.

“There is more to you than meets the eye, an unknown mystery hidden within you. At times, I am not convinced if I know you enough. And yet here I am, knowing in my heart that you will always be here to comfort me, to protect me. There is an unspeakable innocence in your eyes and a melody in your words, as though everything you say is a poem for restless soul.”


Time stands still. I am lost in her eyes yet again. A voice in my head screams an encore.

Get off the chair and kiss her.

“I want to tell you something,” I gather some courage.

“I am listening.” She says looking me in the eyes, assuring that I have her full attention.

“Promise you won’t hate me.”

“I won’t.” She whispers.

“Promise you won’t ignore me.”

“I won’t.”

“Promise you will not regret being here with me.”

“I won’t.”

“Promise you will not walk out of my life.”

“I won’t. A million times, I won’t. I promise. Don’t keep me waiting anymore. Just say it.”

“I Love You.”

Runaway Bride


Been thinking for a while I’d write a guest post on Uday’s blog… 🙂 So here it is, something different from my usual technology / travel babbles, this is a story from my early days of writing, something I really enjoyed a lot and still do… 🙂 A short story for our very own, The Allegorist (The Story Teller).

“How could she do this? How?.” I asked Ramesh.

“She loved me…” He said.

“I guess our time was not right.”

“There is no such thing as a ‘right time’” he said.


We wondered what to do. We were in a huge mess. He loved his girl a lot. Ramesh could do anything for his girl. Even she would go to great lengths to restore their faith and belief in the love they had for each other. I had to do this for him; I had to help him. Both of us thought of things we could do. It had been a week since he had met Jenny. Her parents had grounded her. Ramesh was desperate; he couldn’t live without her. He had to do it. They wanted Jenny married off. That’s what happens in this society, a society that is built on the worlds weirdest morals. Yes, the times have changed. Even ‘arranged marriages,’ nowadays have become, sophisticated. Nowadays there are a few blind dates and a few get to know sessions after which they go ahead with the decision to marry the person, whom you know only for a few weeks. There was no such thing done in her case. Jenny was to be married to a person whom she had never known nor had she met. She did not know what to do. She loved Ramesh and couldn’t marry anyone, just like that. Her own house felt like a dungeon of darkness, in which, she was locked up. Her memories with Ramesh and her solitude helped her to survive so far. Her mom kept a close eye on her. They took her cell phone away, she was completely disconnected. Disconnected from the world and left on her own, to face a future, a future that she never knew.

“Let’s go to her place and take her away.” Ramesh said.

“Are you crazy man? What if her mom calls the cops? You could get into trouble.” I told him.

“So f**K it… I don’t care.

“If you go tonight, you will have to deal with some tight security and her brother has contacts with the local MLA. Before the night is over, her brother and his friends will hunt you down and hand you over to the cops.”

“So what do you want me to do? Sit here and do nothing?”

“No, Ramesh, we got to think of a practical solution.”

We thought a lot, to think of the easiest way out. That’s when I thought of this brilliant idea.

“She will be married the day after tomorrow, right?”

“Yes. We have to do something soon!”

“We will. Before she gets married we have to go to the church and whisk her away even before the wedding happens and get you guys married in the court. It’s near the church. The bridesmaid is a friend of mine. She knows about you guys and I’m sure she would help us in this situation. Besides her parents don’t know me and they haven’t seen me right?”

“No, they have not seen you. You can go to her and tell them about our plan”

“Great, I’ll also register for you guys and call my friends who can be witnesses at the court. I’ll make all the arrangements there. Once you are married, there isn’t much anyone can do.”  So, we decided to wait for that ‘right time.’

Finally, the day arrived and we decided to go to the church. When we reached the church, we were surprised that there was nobody, no decorations, absolutely nothing that would indicate a wedding. We asked the church authorities, they said that the wedding was cancelled. We were surprised.

‘Cancelled?’ What on earth had happened?

“Why is the wedding cancelled?” Ramesh asked

“Something’s going on.”

“What happened, what about your friend? Did she do something? What am I going to do now? Did she tell on us?”

“Relax, it’s not her. I spoke to her last night she said she would go this morning to Jenny’s place to tell her about our plan.”

“Damn, man why didn’t she tell her yesterday?”

“I don’t know okay. Just let me think for a second here.”

“Then have they cancelled the wedding because they found out about us? Or it must be that brother of hers. He must have come to know through his spy friends.”

“If he’d have known, you and I won’t be sitting here, so chill.”

“Do you think Jenny must have done something?”

“Done something? What do you mean? What are you saying?”

“I mean, do you think she had any plans that would make her parents cancel the wedding?”

“I don’t know man. I don’t think that she would do anything like that. She is not that type of a girl.”

“Hmm. I tried to call my friend but she’s not answering, I don’t think she’s home.”

“What do we do now Srini? I’m worried.”

“Have faith dude. It’ll be all right.”

We thought a lot, with moments of silence we thought of what to do. There were many questions that came to our minds. Ramesh got restless as each minute passed by. Finally we gathered courage and decided to go to her house and try to find out what the deal was. That was our only option. We drove to her place which was quite a few miles away from the church. I decided to drive his car as he was not in the right frame of mind at that time. Her house was a small row-house on the outskirts of the city. While we drove to her place, there were many thoughts that raced into our minds as we wanted to find out what would have happened. It was something we had to know.

We saw a huge crowd outside her house. People in the courtyard talked quiet. Everyone wore black clothes. We looked at each other, aghast. Our hearts started beating fast. This was something we had never imagined before. When I said earlier, I was sure even she would go to great lengths to restore their faith and belief in the love they had for each other this definitely proved it for sure. Something I had never imagined to have happened. This was an event that moved me immensely, something that changed our lives forever. When we went inside, we saw a coffin. Lay inside, with a smile on her face, there was a smile that told us something. Something we probably knew all along but never brought it up all this while…

“How could she do this? How?.” I asked Ramesh.

“She loved me…” He said

“I guess our time was not right.”

“There is no such thing as a ‘right time’”

He told me as he snatched the car keys from me and walked past all the madness to his car and went far away in search of his solitude.

By: srinistuff

The Pact


Note: This blog is a guest post by Urmi Vaz. My sincere thanks to her for taking time out from her busy schedule and give us yet another glimpse of her unique writing style and brilliant storytelling.

P.S.: This post can be read both horizontally and vertically.

By: Urmi Vaz

Author’s Personal Blog: Karma and Some

Talking Titles

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“It’s quiet in here.” I accost glancing around the place.

She looks at me in revulsion. “It’s a library,” and nods her head contentiously.

I force a smile of discomfort  and shrug. She occupies herself into the book she has been reading all along.

“What book are you reading?” I interrupt intending to get her attention on me.

She lifts the book up so that the title is shoved in my face.

“Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” I blurt the title aloud and grin impulsively, “For the facts, the man who wrote the book was himself divorced and married, twice.” I mock with my two fingers wriggling.

She slams the book closed and looks at me in resentment.

“What do you want me to do?” I shrug again.

“Shutting up may be a good start.” She leaves her seat and starts fishing for a different book.

“Look, I said I am sorry. It wasn’t a big…”

“I thought you were going to shut up,” she cuts me off.

“Ok. If that is what you want.” I plant my hands in each pocket and sigh. She continues with her search, completely ignoring me, as if I do not exist in the room.

I stay close on her heals, trying to get her attention by moving around her. She relents. Few minutes pass by and I begin to feel twitchy.

Ignoring is the worst thing you can do to meit literally kills me. I think in my mind but refuse to convey to her. May be because I know I deserved it.

Another minute has passed by and my restiveness has reached its zenith. I leaf through the numerous books lined up neatly on a shelf labelled fiction.

She is still busy when I walk up to her with a book in hand. Tapping her lightly on the shoulder, I run my finger across the title of the book. P.S. I Love You.

She nods in denial, pulls out a VCD from the movies section and thrusts it in my hands. Liar Liar.

I scroll through a few more books and point out at one in the corner. Trust Me.

She denies again and pulls out the same book. She turns the book to the back cover and underlines a sentence from the book summary with her finger. All Men are bastards.

She slams the book in my hand and moves on leaving me quizzical.

I make another move with two books, one in each hand. I hold one up in the air while she reads the title. I’ll Take You There.

She looks back at me with a questioned look. I bring forth the second book in my left hand for her to read. Five Days in Paris.

She heads for a shelf and comes back with one in her hand. She raises an eyebrow and the book simultaneously. Be Careful What You Wish For.

I hold her hand signifying a promise. She looks away, still not satisfied by my apologies.

I step back holding a finger in air beseeching her to wait for me. Up and down the library, I run for a couple of minutes. I return to the table where she is standing and plead her to close her eyes. She obeys.

I place the several books I have been hugging around on the table and begin to arrange them.

I hold her hand and get down on my knees. She opens her eyes; I direct her glance to the arranged books on the table.

It happened one Autumn.

On the Night of the Seventh Moon.

A Smooth Talking Stranger.

A Beautiful Mind.


It Had to be You.

Where Dreams Begin.

From This Day.

Love Story.

Nobody’s Baby But Mine.

Once and Always.

Dreaming of you.

I am Ok, You are Ok. 

Everything is illuminated.

One Hundred Years of solitude.

For Better, For Worse, Forever.

Till Death do us apart.

I make an innocent face, urging for her forgiveness. She breaks into a cherubic smile for the first time. Her smile makes me smile. She pulls me up close to her.

I pass her the final book I have been hiding behind me. Say You Love Me.

“I love you,” she breaks the silence and rests her head on my chest.

“Let’s get out of here,” I suggest.

“That would be a good start.”

We begin to step out when the librarian shouts pointing at the dozen books on the table, “Oye! Are you going to buy those? Where do you think you are going?”

I direct him to a book on the top selling shelf. A Walk to Remember.

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