“This place is beautiful,” she says in awe.

 I have always wanted to bring her here. The ambiance is perfect for a quiet dinner and a healthy conversation.

 A fresh rose in the vase, the fragrance of which refuses to leave the table. A soothingly burning candle, the flame of which flickers with her every breath.

 We stare at the ceiling, our heads up at the same time. The ceiling is covered in a collage of broken mirrors.

 Thousand reflections of her on the ceiling and yet my heart craves for more. I simply can’t get enough of this girl across the table.

 She smiles, her eyes still glued to the ceiling. They are outlined with faint kohl. Every time they fall on me, I can see my image trapped within. There is so much virtue in those eyes, the ones that garner, protect and nurture little dreams of endless joys. They glitter with an out worldly passion. Just like a mirror, they remind me of who I am, every time I look into them. Her smile never ceases to enthrall me. It glows and spreads passionately across her face. I wish to be imprisoned forever in her aura.

Her freely flowing hair is neatly tucked underneath a red hair band. They bounce off her shoulder every time she turns around. She wears a beaded necklace around her neck. Her sleeveless red gown perfectly complements her countenance. My heart skips a beat and then a few more. Just like every time, a thought crosses my mind.

 If you were a princess from a fairy tale, I did stop believing in reality.


This place is fantastic. It is strange how I failed to notice before. I have been here several times, with family, friends and colleagues. And yet this place seems so novel today. Is it his presence across the table, or am I beginning to fall for him?

I can’t help smiling while I look at his reflection in the mirror. His eyes are glued on me. He is lost in his own imaginary world, a world where we are together all along. How I wish to be a part of this world, and turn his dreams into reality.

He looks at me with such innocence; I yearn to read his mind. I want him to look at me good and long, let his heart be filled with a desire full of me.

The way I am dressed tonight is solely for his attention. The way I wear my hair tonight is only for him. I want him to realize that everything I am tonight is just for him. I want him to know I am here, with him, for him.


 They say love can make a poet of you. Every word you say in love sounds like a poem. I am falling for this girl sitting across the table.

I am falling for her silky hair.

I am craving for her every stare.

I am falling for the blush on her cheeks.

I am craving for those lips to kiss.

I am falling for every word she says.

I am craving for those magical words she refuses to claim.

And yet I sit here looking in her eyes

A question still runs deep through my mind

Will you ever be mine?

Forever mine.

 This moment will desert us soon, but you are here to stay in my heart, for eternity.


 “Shall we order?” I ask him knowing how much he hates going through menus.

 He has been holding one in his hand, reading over and over again. I can make out from his confused expressions. He tries so hard not to make any mistakes around me. He tries so hard to impress me. I wish he knew I already am.

“Should I order for us?”

 “Sure,” he says relieved.

 “We have been seeing a lot of each other these days.” I say hoping to catch him off guard.

 “Is that bad?” he questions raising his eyebrows.

 “No,” I say convincingly. “How often do you go out with your girl friends?”

 “I don’t really ask anyone out.” He nods.

 “But you asked me out.”

 “I like your company.”

 “Define company.”

 He thinks for a short pause. “Submission is sweet in your presence. It is strange the way I feel around you, fearless and confident, ready to take over the world. When you are with me, I am not afraid to take a step forward. It is that feeling of trust which drives me, knowing that you will be here even in my mistakes. The feeling that you will believe in me and that in your presence, I will never fail. With you by my side, I am the happiest man on the face of the earth. With you by my side, I am the best man on the face of the earth…”

 He stops abruptly, realizing he might have shared too much. There is so much in that heart, so many unspoken words.

 Don’t stop for now, don’t stop ever. I long to tell him.


 What is it about her that drives me to such extremes? There are so many things I want her to know. And yet time and again, I stop myself from saying so. What if she does not understand? What if the feeling is not mutual on the other side? What if she walks out of my life?

 “Why did you stop?” she questions at my sudden pause.

 “Can I ask you something?”

 “Sure,” she nods.

 “What is your impression of me?”

 “Well, I like your company too.” She smiles.

 “Define company.” I smile.


Love is a game two can play. Somehow, I love the way he plays me into saying things.

“There is more to you than meets the eye, an unknown mystery hidden within you. At times, I am not convinced if I know you enough. And yet here I am, knowing in my heart that you will always be here to comfort me, to protect me. There is an unspeakable innocence in your eyes and a melody in your words, as though everything you say is a poem for restless soul.”


Time stands still. I am lost in her eyes yet again. A voice in my head screams an encore.

Get off the chair and kiss her.

“I want to tell you something,” I gather some courage.

“I am listening.” She says looking me in the eyes, assuring that I have her full attention.

“Promise you won’t hate me.”

“I won’t.” She whispers.

“Promise you won’t ignore me.”

“I won’t.”

“Promise you will not regret being here with me.”

“I won’t.”

“Promise you will not walk out of my life.”

“I won’t. A million times, I won’t. I promise. Don’t keep me waiting anymore. Just say it.”

“I Love You.”