Firstly, let us define “A Date.” A date is two people of opposite sex spending time together to get to know each other. So put all the dirty thoughts at the back of your mind and focus.

10. Be Decent: When I say decent, it means decent. This is quite obvious so I wont waste my time explaining in detail. Be decent means:
a. Take a Shower at least an hour before the date.
b. Smell Good.
c. Don’t pick your nose or scratch any part of your body in front of her. (It’s not amusing for watchers)
So in simple words, look good and play decent.

9. The Little Things: On a 1st date, your every move will be scrutinized. What you do, is what you will become in her eyes. Hence the little thing that we call “Charisma” matters a lot. For example, you are about to enter a café, what do you do? Hold the door for her and let her enter first. Like I said, little things matter. Pulling the chair, asking her what she would like to have before you tell her what you are about to gobble, placing the orders, etc are the little things to keep an eye open for.

Note: Treat the waiters nicely and tip them real nicely. It’s a winner.

8. The Gift: On a 1st date, a gift is a strict no-no. So if you already brought a bracelet (or even flowers) for her, why don’t you just walk back to your closet and hide it for, maybe the 5th date. A gift is a simple way of telling someone that you care. And when you say you care, you mean you own a part of that person. Now you don’t want to scare her off on the 1st date by saying “you own her.”
Do you?

7. Don’t Say or Do: A few things should be strictly out of your head on the first date. Here’s the list:
a. Irrespective of how beautiful (read: hot) she is, do not even think or stare at her you-know-what.
b. Do not say “I Love You” or “I Like You”.
c. Do not touch her (unless you look as good as Brad Pitt), even by mistake. Maintain safe distance but not too safe a distance.
d. Do not ask her if she is on Facebook, Orkut or any other Social Networking Site. It’s a step backwards.
e. Do not look at any other girl around, again, irrespective of how beautiful (read: hot) she is.

6. The Laugh: Every woman on the planet likes to laugh. Above all, she likes it more, when a man makes her laugh. Humor plays a vital role not just on the 1st date, but on the strings that follow. If you can get a woman to laugh, you have successfully cleared the first hurdle. So simply, make her laugh by sharing some funny/stupid/embarrassing experiences of your own. And when she is done laughing, look her in the eye and tell her “I like the way you laugh.”

5. Be Yourself: A relation that starts with a lie ends as quickly as it begins. DO NOT LIE WHAT-SO-EVER. For example, she likes cabbage, but just to impress her, you tell her you like it too. What happens next, you get cabbage on your birthday party, on your anniversary, on your promotion party, on your mom’s anniversary, in your brother wedding… Do you really want to eat that much cabbage.?

4. The X-Factor: The universal law: A relationship always looks forward. Don’t talk about your ex or ask her about her ex because you both will simply end up with either lots of tissues or a brother-sister relationship. Put your past at the back of the mind. You are with a woman you don’t know. This is the time to explore new things. Don’t screw up by talking about your ex who’s already screwed you up.

3. Listen: Women talk a lot is a well-known fact. So know this, that woman talk to men who listen. Ask yourself; are you a good listener? If no, you don’t belong to that table. Share your thoughts and ask relevant discussion orienting questions. If you do not agree to her certain points, stand by what you believe and explain but do not argue. She must know that you are a man with views and not a YES-MAN. A hearty conversation on 1st date is the road to a 2nd date.

2. Security: A relation ends when a woman does not feel secure with a man. Security plays the most important role in any relation, be it friendship or love or siblings. No one can simply stand a sight of a person they feel threatened by. So your job on 1st date is to make her feel that she is safe around you. Make her fell comfortable and open up to her, the talks I mean. Any kind of misbehavior towards anyone is the end of whatever future plans you had.

1. The Trump Card: Let me get this straight. If you can’t respect a woman, you do not deserve to be with one. A Woman is a gift from God to a Man. And a Man’s prime duty is to protect this gift. If a woman knows you truly respect her, believe me, you will grow old with her.

Note: If you cannot follow the 1st point, all the other points are useless and your reading this has been futile. Not only that, you are the biggest jerk in the world and you should rot in hell.

Remember, first impression is the last impression. After the date, the girl calls up her best friend/confidant to discuss “you.” The talk is detailed and your second date half depends upon how her best friend/confidant reacts. You can either choose to be the guy she once dated or the guy who she dated forever.