Sam had not been to work for a month now. Ann needed constant attention. She had been fighting cancer for a long time to no avail. Medication had stopped working and doctors had given up on her. With every passing minute, her agony turned into grievance. They had been together for 30 years. Next month, they would be celebrating their 31st anniversary; if only she lived.

Amanda picked up the receiver and dialed Sam’s number. A feeling of deja vu followed. She had been trying to reach him for a week now.

Why is he not answering? What could have been wrong? She wanted to rest her mind of all the qualms but she knew something was terribly wrong and as long as she was assured they were fine, she could not rest herself. Sam had never missed her call and even if he did, he would always check on her soon.

She reached for the receiver again, “Hello 911. I need someone to check on 21st Avenue, Baker Street. Sam Johnson.” Replacing the receiver, she packed her bag and headed towards Sam’s apartment.

She opened the door and saw Sam was sitting on the chair, reading Bible.

“Why dint you answer the phone? I was so worried.” Amanda asked furiously.

Sam removed his specs and looked at Amanda with tired eyes but said nothing.

“Is she alright?” Amanda asked, her face turning pale.

“She is gone.” Sam said, his eyes giving way to tears. Amanda rushed towards Sam and hugged him tightly.

“Oh God!! How did this happen? The doctors said it would be few months before…”

“I killed her.” Sam interrupted now looking straight into Amanda’s eyes.

Words failed to reach Amanda’s lips and all she could do was stare in bewilderment.

“I came home with supper last night.” Sam continued, “She was screaming in pain. I tried to soothe her down, the medicines failed. I sat through the night watching over her, but the pain never subsided. She kept begging me to do something.”

“So you killed her?” Amanda asked in disgrace.

“We had a long run now dint we? Her disease stopped us from having kids, but it never stopped us from loving each other. How could I let this disease take my love away from me? I saved her from the pain. She died peacefully in my arms, just the way she wanted to. Love can be testing sometimes. But it does not have to justify to the world or to the God.”

Two months later, Sam died of cardiac arrest and the case of murdering his wife was shut as deceased. Amanda pleaded the court to restore Sam’s honor by charging euthanasia against him. The court never budged. The world thought of Sam as a criminal, but Amanda knew they were once again together and happy.